Anti-Oedipus Reading Online

Archaeology of the Frivolous is commencing our online residency this week. Due to covid-19 we sadly were not able to meet up in West Texas. Our first vision-quest-as-assignment is a group deep reading of Deleuze & Guattari’s ANTI-OEDIPUS, the first volume of two that make up CAPITALISM & SCHIZOPHRENIA. Please email Alejandro at fargosonini@ gmail to be added to our list. We do a weekly zoom happy hour mondays at 7 pm eastern standard time to discuss. 

We have an excellent group of artists, philosophers, dance choreographers, filmmakers, musicians, thieves, marauders, inventors, rioters, complacents, technophobes, specialists, scientists and outright liars involved. A certain level of desiring-production will be required of each machinic assemblage to join our disjointed malformed non-heirarchical rhizomatic structure and deterritorialize and reterritorialize it, unfolding from within immanently. We’ll be checking out their major reference points, from Heraclitus, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Bergson, Freud and Lacan, while also trying to map out some subtle connections and differences between Derrida’s other philosophy of difference, deconstruction. Anyone is welcome to join us and its free, just reach out.