Adam Torres


Adam Torres is an incredible singer who lives in Austin, TX, and is signed to Fat Possum Records. His haunting falsetto and laconic musical style have earned him much praise.


Claire Elizabeth Barratt, MFA


Claire is the director of Cilla Vee. She has a Dance and Musical Theater background, with training received in her native country of Britain at the London Studio Center of Performing Arts and the Laban Center for Movement and Dance.

Christopher Danowski, PhD


Chris is a writer and a media/performance artist. He has written over fifty plays, performed in living rooms,  galleries, and unusual spaces (sometimes in theaters). He was artistic director of Theater in My Basement from 1999-2013, and now serves as a founding member of Howl Theatre Project. He has performed his own work in Phoenix, Mérida, Dublin, Berlin and Kraków.

Here’s a video of Chris’ performance at our first residency:

Meagan O’Shea


Meagan O’Shea’s work fuses contemporary dance, improvisation and storytelling with visual spectacle to create innovative performances.

Dana Abrassart


Dana a a Brooklyn-based human for whom both science and intuition serve as inspirations. She holds an MSc in Neurobiology, a Masters of Professional Studies from NYU’s Interactive Telecommuncations Program, and is an aerial acrobatics performer and instructor

“I enjoy finding connections between the seemingly unrelated and exploring the far reaches of both absurdity and practicality.

I enjoy discovering how new technologies may be used to create tools for social innovation, storytelling, performance, and that which cannot be categorized. “


Rachel Wright, PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology, Curriculum Fellow in Genetics, Harvard Medical School


Her Ph.D. research in the Matz Lab at UT Austin (2012–2017) asks how reef-building coral species respond to various environmental stressors (disease, increased temperatures, acidified waters).

“I am passionate about exploring how organisms respond to variable environments, improving general public scientific literacy, and tacos. I am currently a Curriculum Fellow in Genetics at Harvard Medical School.”

Joseph Palmer, DMA, Classical Guitarist

Joseph currently lives in Austin, Texas, where he runs a private guitar studio and is working on his final doctoral projects. Last fall, he joined the faculty of Texas Lutheran University as a part-time guitar instructor in the school of music as well as the Community Music Academy in Seguin, Texas. As a performer, Joseph Palmer is interested in bringing classical guitar to a wider audience through the development of ‘guided’ concert programs and effective outreach performances. In Spring 2015, he will be performing for over 40 public schools in the Austin ISD as an Outreach Artist-In-Residence for Austin Classical Guitar.

Here is his excellent concert in a dried out arroyo accompanied by a mezcal tasting.


Mark Roth, MFA



Mark Roth is a painter and performer based out of NYC.


Allen Ferguson, MFA


Allen is a filmmaker and and co-founder and co-curator of Archaeology of the Frivolous.

Jeffrey Bussolini, PhD


Is an Associate Professor at CUNY and Co-Director of the Avenue B Multi-Studies Center/ Center for Feline Studies. His research has mostly concerned science in national security contexts (especially the production of nuclear weapons) and animal-human interactions (especially feline-feline and feline-human interactions). He also translate works from French and Italian on animal and extinction studies.

Andrea Spaziani, MFA


Andy is a Canadian contemporary choreographer, performer, and curator. She’s currently the Local Artist in Residence at the Dancemakers Centre for Creation in Toronto and the co-founder and co-curator of Archaeology of the Frivolous.

Brian Coleman


Brian is our official photographer, BBQ chef and 15 passenger van enthusiast. He has taken alot of the images you’ve seen here.

               Alejandro Michaelangelo Fargosonini


Film Director & Curator of the HARD TO WATCH Film Festival

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