Mission Statement

Archaeology of the Frivolous is an exploratory and interactive educational platform focused on experimental, experiential pedagogy. Led by practitioners in the arts and sciences through various aspects and extremities of the landscape of West Texas, we will participate in performances, film series, lectures, concerts, and deep observation of our surroundings and their interaction with the passage of time – geologically and astronomically. We provide a space for participants to intellectually engage with educators and performers in the arts and sciences from around the world in a unique, remote setting. We also provide educational benefits and services to locals in our community, including filmmaking and dance workshops, and art and science lectures by professionals in their respective fields.

Our focus is on experimental, inessential pedagogy, experiential research methodologies, and deeply personal experiences with and within the Chihuahuan Desert. We’re interested in redefining this seemingly inessential as essential to life, and sharing that with the public.

It is also a club of lecturers, business people, choreographers, chefs, scientists, thinkers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists, trying to bring culture and education out of the institutions and into a warm, open, and immersive setting. An educational platform that doesn’t skimp on joie de vivre.

We currently host spring and fall retreats that include experimental cuisine, a film festival, mountaineering, spelunking, star parties, camping, swimming, and lectures and performances from a wide variety of artists, thinkers, and scientists.

In the future we plan to establish a “smart city” campus to host visitors and students of life for longer periods of introspection, exploration, learning, and reflection.


We are incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Texas.



“There is a future, that is predictable,  and then there is l’avenir…what is to come.  This is what is unexpected,  this is the real future for me.”



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