ARCHAEOLOGY 3. MAY 24-30th 2018.


Our 3rd Archaeology of the Frivolous is happening May 24th-30th 2018.

It’s a road trip with some epic hikes, deep readings, spelunking, lectures, camping, performances, delicious food and the HARD TO WATCH Film Festival.

Fly into El Paso the 24th, Fly out the 30th.

If you want to drive to meet us you can. There are also people coming from Dallas and maybe Austin you could hitch a ride with. Please let us know.

Stuff you’ll need: Sleeping  bag, tent. Good hiking shoes, layers (it’s 56 F in the cave, outside it’s cold some nights, hot some days). We’ll be providing food and water, coffee/tea, and making some meals on a camping stove. We’ll also have a lot of food prepared in advance. Expect smoked meats, homemade bread, fruit, and homemade vegan granola. We have some extra tents and can accommodate you if you don’t have any gear, just let us know in advance.

If you have any dietary restrictions please let us know  so we can accomodate you. We try to keep the food wide ranging and delicious.


May 24th: People arrive in El Paso. We pick you up in the van, eat lunch, and start our 2.5 hour drive to Carlsbad Caverns, NM. We’ll be listening to John McPhee’s ANNALS OF THE FORMER WORLD on the way. We’ll enter the biggest cave in North America and hike 750 ft down and back up (about an hour each way). We will be backcountry camping for the night there.

May 25th: In the morning we’ll head to Guadalupe Mountains National Park and climb the tallest mountain in Texas, the world’s premier example of a fossil reef from the Permian Era. 3 miles and 2,000 ft up from the base, we’ll be camping for the night. It’s only 1,000 ft and 1 more mile to the top. There will be a group performance for the dead led by Christopher Danowski, PhD, in the evening at our campsite.

May 26th: We’ll climb to the top for the sunrise and do some stretching/pilates with Andrea Spaziani to ease the soreness in the morning. We’ll walk back down, eat lunch, and drive to Balmorhea State Park, to swim in a gorgeous spring fed aquifer and take some of the inflammation out of our bodies. We’ll camp here for the night, and there will be some readings.

May 27th: We’ll be starting kind of lazy and late this day to allow people to recover from the hike. We can swim again in the morning, eat breakfast, and head out. We’ll head to a house in Ft. Davis. There will be some bedrooms, a large porch area to camp on, and some space in the back yard to camp in. We’ll have toilets and a big kitchen. We’ll hit the grocery store and start working on a feast, in the evening we will eat and have the HARD TO WATCH Film Festival.

May 28th: This day will start with the Church of Cioran at breakfast, a hybrid lecture/booty jams series about death and existence. There will be a series of deep readings from several philosophers and literary writers. In the afternoon we’ll go check out some of the galleries in Marfa. In the evening we’ll have a lecture by Choreographer Andrea Spaziani and have a star party.

May 29th: This is our last day. We’ll do some hikes at The Chihuahuan Desert Research Center in the morning with a lecture about Derrida and Lying. We’ll see some performances by some local musicians from Marfa. We’ll have a finale feast and show a double feature.

May 30th: We’ll wake up in the morning and drive to El Paso to drop everyone off. There’s the possibility of getting a ride back to Dallas or Austin with some people as well.



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