We’re located an hour and a half south of Marfa, TX. If you time it right and reach out to me at , we can probably hook you up with a ride if you want to come for May 9-15. From Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles and El Paso several groups are coming. I fly on Spirit Airlines from NYC to Dallas for less than $100. It’s crazy how cheap it is. I have to pay for bringing a bag. One thing to know about Spirit is try to book direct flights with them because their bag fees are per flight which includes layovers. Silly but still usually cheaper than the rest. Southwest airlines is also very good. Sometimes you can get good deals on other airlines.

Checking the search engine WWW.MOMONDO.COM is very helpful.

If you get into Dallas, Austin, or El Paso the 9th there will most like be someone for you to ride with. The car ride is 6 hours. If you can’t find someone, you could always rent a car.

There is also a train which goes from Dallas to Austin to San Antonio to Alpine, or from LA east through AZ and NM which lands in Alpine, a nearby town. We can also pick you up from El Paso if we time it right.

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